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Germ-free water in the humidor

UVC disinfection


To ensure that the water reservoirs do not become a source of germs and mold, a high-quality ultraviolet light is used to provide aseptic water. The tasteless and odorless UVC technology enables the strictest hygiene standards for the humidifier in our cabinet humidors. Without using any chemicals, the UVC light (at 254 nm), destroys viruses, bacteria, yeasts and even mold spores through the air circulation system and the surfaces humidifier. In combination with the ventilation system, as well as the PLC-control, the individual cigars are protected from cross-contamination by the circulating air flow. This innovative and natural disinfection technology of stainless steel and quartz glass is just one of those details that make a cigar cabinet a Gerber Humidor.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]