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Humidor Cabinet with an electric and electronic controlled humidity

Cigar cabinet with controlled relative humidity

The photo above shows a cigar cabinet with controlled relative humidity, our Humidor Model Monolith. The monolith got its name from its monolithic appearance. A straight column that directs the eye to the exterior design. Due to the puristic design, a noble and exotic wood can fully unfold on the surface and come into its own. Here you can see the monolith in two different versions. Both humidors are a cigar cabinet with controlled relative humidity made of White Ebony veneer. We also know it as black and white ebony.

White Ebony

White Ebony belongs like Makassar to the colored ebony woods. However, the basic color is white or very bright yellow. The black stripes appear in different intensities. They vary from tree to tree. Depending on water supply, cultivation area and climatic conditions, the characteristics are very variable. The changeable patterns and basic tones are easy to recognize in the pictures shown. White Ebony sometimes gets the nickname „Royal“ because it was reserved for kings and rulers for many centuries. It is still very precious today and has become very rare.

We are happy to be able to show you our cigar cabinet with controlled relative humidity in this beautiful wood twice. With the first Monolith the customer decided for the classical construction with glass in the lid. With the second monolith the customer preferred a solid lid. We thought long and hard about how to make the striped wood into a beautiful pattern. You can see the result further to the right in the photo. We decided on 4 triangles running towards each other. We find the veneer to be particularly beautiful. The customer was involved in the design of the humor. We laid the veneer and photographed the different variants. This is how we arrived at this wonderful result together.