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Humidor with humidity electronic controlled

The Monolith – Humidor with continuous humidification

Our Gerber humidor model Monolith is the cigar cabinet for lovers of straightforward design. The design concept and the name also stand for „uniformity“.
Although our humidor is not entirely made of the same type of stone as its namesake, our carpenters also veneer the humidor vertically in one step. This results in a particularly harmonious veneer pattern on the humidor. The wood grain can present itself in its complete beauty and this from all sides. For the wood lovers among our Afficionados the Humidor Monolith is the model of choice.

Model for wood lovers

Many cigar lovers only want small glass surfaces or do without them completely, because the radiation of the light can change the cigars and their aroma. The Humidor Monolith has been designed exactly for this requirement. It deliberately does without a glass door in the front. The undisturbed surface of the humidor puts the noble and exotic woods in a particularly good light. Within the scope of our personal consultation we sample the most different veneers and woods together with our customers. We have samples of (almost) all veneers, and there are several hundred, on display in our production facilities. For our international customers we keep a large online database with photographs up to date.

Noble and precious woods and veneers

We have been working together with our partners and veneer dealers for many years on a basis of trust. Therefore we appreciate the constant quality of the material and are pleased to produce a beautiful humidor with it. When we have shortlisted some woods, we provide the customer with photographs so that he can choose the wood for his humidor. In the workshop we lay and mirror the veneer for the humidor, so you can see exactly how the veneer image will look on the humidor. This creates monoliths with unique grain and beautiful aesthetics.