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Spanish Cedar Humidor Pins

The pins for the Gerber Humidor cigarboards and drawers are turned by a dear and valued partner in the classic way by hand. Woodturning is a craft of its own and also an independent profession in Germany. The work at the lathe is done by a turner, not by a carpenter or joiner. (Although there are colleagues who are masters of both). Turning is understood to be when wood or horn (ivory) is artistically worked on a lathe and „brought into shape“. In the past, our everyday life was full of objects that were turned in the classical manner. From the wooden spoon to the table leg to the banister. Many everyday objects were worked by the turner. Today, traditional craftsmanship is being increasingly replaced by machine production. Therefore we are especially glad that we have been supported by an excellent craftsman for years and that our pins are still really handmade.

Spanish cedar

Our pins are all made of solid Spanish cedar. The original „humidor wood“ is something very special. The aroma and unique scent of the wood supports the gems among the cigars in their sometimes years of maturation. Even after a long time a very special aroma surrounds you when you open a real Gerber humidor. Our customers all over the world, from Switzerland, Canada to Australia, particularly appreciate this quality feature of genuine craftsmanship „Made in Germany“. It is crucial that the wood is well stored and dried. We store the Spanish Cedar well protected in our storage facilities of the Humidor manufactory. Just like wine bottles containing a noble drop or a delicious loaf of cheese, the logs are personally checked by our carpenters and moved by hand. For a real Gerber cigar cabinet we use only the best wood and exquisite pieces of Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata).

Sorting the cigars

For easy sorting of cigars by aroma, variety or country of origin, our Spanish Cedar Pins are perfect. They are true hand flatterers – traditionally turned and ground – when you take a pin in your hand, you can feel the love in the making and the quality. All shelves inside a real Gerber cigar cabinet are perforated. This is mainly for better air circulation in the cigar cabinet. In addition, the pins can be inserted into each of these holes. The taper at the end of the pin fits perfectly into each hole. This allows the pins to be placed flexibly on the Cigarboard, the Serviceboard or in a cigar drawer. The pins are available in 2 different sizes and can also be requested at any time later.