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new app for your smart phone controlling the humidor

new APP iHumidor & MyHumidor to control your humidor

With iHumidor and MyHumidor Pro you can check anytime and anywhere over the Internet which values are present in your Gerber Humidor. As a special innovation we have introduced the MyHumidor Pro version with the extended feature of active control of the most important functions. If you are in the W-LAN network of the humidor, the icons with control function are activated automatically.

iHumidorPro (Apple) & MyHumidorPro (Android)

New features

In addition to the usual display of your values, the new version of the app now allows you to control the most important functions of your humidor. Under the menu item „Settings“ you enter the values of your humidor (name/password/IP address). To control the humidor, you must be in the same network as the humidor for security reasons with your iPhone | iPad, so you must enter the IP address of the humidor. As soon as you are in the network, the icons for activating the lighting (red, blue, white and cigars for lighting the cigarboards) will appear on the start page of the app. Under the menu item History the measured values of the last few days are displayed. At a glance you can see the development of relative humidity and temperature. In the Humidor Configuration area you have access to the data: Mode, target humidity, air filter, fresh air, alarm. If you are on the Internet, the humidor values are displayed; if you are on the same network, you can control and change the values.

Controlling the humidor

You do not yet have a humidor from the Gerber company? Install the app for testing on your mobile phone. You can display current data such as the relative humidity inside and outside, the temperature inside and outside, the current mode – from LIGHT to CIGAR AGING – as well as the status messages of the air filter, fresh air and humidifier. You get real live values displayed by one of our humidors in the Gerber Humidor Showroom.

Simply use the following login information:

Username: sagar

Password: efwwfz6e

Would you like to buy a humidor with all technical refinements? Just send us an email and then you will soon be able to check the values of your own humidor anytime and anywhere with iHumidorPro & MyHumidorPro.