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Satinwood - citron

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Trade names: Citron, Satinwood, Ceylon Satinwood, East Indian Satinwood Origin: Sri Lanka, India, especially Mysore und Haiderabad. Range: West India, Mexico and Jamaica Uses: High quality architectural purposes, but more in North America and Australia than in Europe. The wood is really hard. It can also be used for smaller carvings. Character: The wood is yellowish to cream in color. Generally sliced as true quarters which have a beautiful striped pattern. Since Satinwood also often has a bee’s-wing mottle it is an extremely decorative wood which has been used for centuries in making high quality furniture. Sapwood and heartwood are very similar. The sapwood is slightly lighter and narrower, while the heartwood in the fresh incision has a golden yellow color. Sometimes the wood is slightly brownish in color. It just darken a little bit. The wood has a beautiful shine and is always somehow flamed, wavy or grained. So it is really decorative. A close interlocking grain and conspicuous fiber deviations can occur. The interlocking grain can make the process more difficult. Clear growth zones give the veneer image its streaky texture. The medium-sized tree has an irregularly shaped trunk of 30-50 cm diameter. Particularities: Freshly cut, the wood has a pleasant smell, which disappears with the drying. High export duties of the countries of origin, that’s why it is extremely expensive.

Natural product wood

Wood is a natural product, which can has colour differences and growth-related irregularities. Deviations in structure and colour are a quality feature for real wood. Growth, colour, structure and grain are unique in every tree and make every Gerber Humidor unique! Digital illustrations of the wood samples are always only indicative picture and do not provide a guarantee. Not all woods are available at all times and suitable for every Gerber Humidor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.