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Eucalyptus Pommele

Eukalyptus Pommele. Beautiful veneer for a humidor for the best cigar storage
Trade name: Eucalyptus Pommele Country of origin: Australia and New Zealand Occurrence: Australia and New Zealand, cultivated in southern Europe and USA. Uses: High-quality interior trim and automotive construction. Character: Very rarely a burl-like structure occurs in Eucalyptus. In contrast to true burl, the structure here is created by the wavy course of the fibers and not by the ingrowth of small knots. Therefore, the dark burl cores are also missing, so that the veneer image with its yellow-brown to light reddish-brown color presents itself to the observer like a picture painted with ink. This harmonious picture is dominated by numerous discreetly interspersed brush dots. Special features: Some eucalyptus trees grow to nearly 100 meters tall and have a girth of 20 meters, but others grow bush-like. In total, the eucalyptus includes about 700 recognized species. Eucalyptus has always grown in Australia and New Zealand, where it now makes up 70% of the tree population, and is protected there not only by the koala, but also by the furniture industry due to its fast growth and good wood quality. In the right climate, they do well against other trees because their roots survive forest fires intact and sprout again very quickly. To promote forest fires, the trees even from time to time simply throw off large branches.

Natural product wood

Wood is a natural product, which can has colour differences and growth-related irregularities. Deviations in structure and colour are a quality feature for real wood. Growth, colour, structure and grain are unique in every tree and make every Gerber Humidor unique! Digital illustrations of the wood samples are always only indicative picture and do not provide a guarantee. Not all woods are available at all times and suitable for every Gerber Humidor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.