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Trade names: Birch Origin: Europe und Asia up to about latitude 65° north. Range: Important stands for the veneer industry in Finland and partly in Sweden. In addition, there are large occurrences in Russia. In Central European forests Birch trees are found standing scattered or in groups. Uses: Greater significance for the furniture and panel industries (a popular wood in the fifties). And also used for table and chair production. In Germany it is very popular for burning in open fire places. In larger dimensions also produced as sliced Birch. Most sliced Birch is “Yellow Birch” from the USA. The wood handled easily and well with all tools. Planed surfaces are very smooth. Because of its texture the wood is very suitable for staining and applying glossy finishes. Character: The color of the wood is yellowish white. But the logs often have brown hearts when they are mature. Figured wood is frequent, much in demand and sold as Ice Birch. Particularities: To the Nordeuropeans, the tree is regarded as a cultural leitmotif and myth-bearer, generally appreciated, widely used and is often sung. The birch is the landmark of Estonia. In Russia, Finland and Poland, the tree is a national symbol, comparable to the „German oak“. As a typical light tree species the tree grows rapidly at first, but is relatively short-lived with a maximum age of 120 years.

Natural product wood

Wood is a natural product, which can has colour differences and growth-related irregularities. Deviations in structure and colour are a quality feature for real wood. Growth, colour, structure and grain are unique in every tree and make every Gerber Humidor unique! Digital illustrations of the wood samples are always only indicative picture and do not provide a guarantee. Not all woods are available at all times and suitable for every Gerber Humidor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.