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Avodire » GERBER Humidor veneer
Trade names: Avodire Origin: Tropical West Africa Range: In tropical West Africa, spread from the Ivory Coast Sierra Leone, Lyberia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Zaire, Angola, in a relatively narrow strip of about 40km along the coast. Uses: Mainly as sliced veneer, occasionally rotary-cut; used in furniture production, for paneling, parquet, musical instruments and construction lumber. Machining presents no great difficulty. It cuts easily and smoothly with all tools. Planed surfaces have a silky luster which can be highlighted even more by polishing. Any type of finish can be used. In the ’60 years Avodiré was very populair, but today it is seldom still used. Character: The color is brownish-yellow to a golden brown and darkens in time. Sapwood and heartwood are not distinguishable in color. Avodiré is fine-fiber, medium structure and fairly soft. Preferred are mottled veneers and flitches with irregular grains, pips and knots. This veneers have a very interesting character. Particularities: Avodiré trees are medium size up to about 35m high and diameter up to 1m. Shaft irregularly shaped, often curved and up to 20m free of knots, without roots. Moreover, it is resistant to many insects and fungi. Avodiré is a particularly beautiful wood and therefore suitable for use as a veneer. This type of wood has a particularly warm hue. This wood has an unusual grain, which can also be traversed with branch holes.

Natural product wood

Wood is a natural product, which can has colour differences and growth-related irregularities. Deviations in structure and colour are a quality feature for real wood. Growth, colour, structure and grain are unique in every tree and make every Gerber Humidor unique! Digital illustrations of the wood samples are always only indicative picture and do not provide a guarantee. Not all woods are available at all times and suitable for every Gerber Humidor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.