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Made-to-measure humidor

A made-to-measure humidor in production is a matter close to the heart. Many individual steps have to be discussed, planned and precisely coordinated in advance. Once the humidor has been installed and the customer is happy, we are happy. The humidor shown here has actually stayed in our hometown Duisburg and we can quote our customers as follows:

„…the humidor is standing. A piece of jewellery, great work. A word of praise to your two fitters, who did a great job. Made in Germany‘ applies to you in all areas, you don’t see that every day anymore…“. Achim M.

The order discussion to this Humidor took place directly locally with the customer. There we could take measurements directly and discuss the conditions. The aim was to manufacture the humidor to match the existing equipment. For this purpose we removed a shelf on site and took it directly to our workshop for later color matching. Just like the existing furniture, the outer shell of the humidor was to be made of oak.

Made-to-measure humidor from stained oak

Since oak is still and rightly one of the most popular woods in furniture construction, it is often used in our production. That’s why it may sound simple to make a humidor to match the customer’s furniture. However, the challenge is to find the right color for the wood. Oak and oak veneers are often stained. Also the existing furniture of the customer was changed by a stain in the shade. Over time, the colors of a piece of furniture change, often due to sunlight and UV light. The color or stain specification of the furniture, if available, is therefore only an aid. In fact, the color shade of the stain is reproduced by hand on site during production. When selecting the wood or veneer, care must be taken to ensure that the pattern and the pore depth and characteristics are similar.

Staining process

There are different staining processes. A rough distinction is made between dye and chemical stain. These substances can either be applied by hand with a brush or with a spray gun. This results in differences in paint application and color effect. Each wood reacts differently and so the result on the workpiece is always slightly different. Also the grinding has a clear influence on the result. In order to get the best possible result, we create several staining samples until the customer and we are satisfied.