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Made-to-measure cigar cabinet for the U.S.

From the receipt of an order to the delivery of a handmade humidor of the best quality, many steps are required. An interested architect from the USA requested a custom-made luxury built-in humidor with electronically controlled humidification for his cigar-loving private customer.

In the first preliminary talks we advise our interested parties on the best equipment for a humidor. We get to know his individual wishes and together we develop an idea into a concept for a handmade cigar cabinet. We are always pleased that especially in the USA carpentry work „Made in Germany“ is highly appreciated. The requested humidor is intended to be installed as one component of an entire wall unit. The interior designer from the USA involved in the project has sent us the hand-drawn sketch shown. It is important for good planning and execution that we know the exact dimensions of the piece of furniture and learn how our customer in the USA wishes his humidor to be.

From sketch to design

In the appendix of the design sketch, we convert inch and foot into metric values and can thus make our own design planning. If a luxury cigar cupboard is to be integrated into a piece of furniture, it is particularly important that no difference can be seen in the exterior décor. Therefore, in consultation with the interior designer in the USA, we have decided that the humidor will be stained locally and that it will also receive its fittings in the USA. Anyone who has ever tried to stain a piece of furniture knows that these steps must be carried out as soon as possible. Slight differences in the thickness of the application and the application time lead directly to differences in colour. As perfectionists, we always want to achieve the best possible result together with our customers.

Selection of the wood

In cooperation with our local partners we select the suitable wood for the humidor. The American walnut fits perfectly to the cigar cabinet with electronically controlled humidification for the USA. We lay out the veneer picture by hand and let our customer participate in the selection with photos from the production. Especially with woods with a strong grain, much depends on how the veneer is laid and mirrored. In this way, very different patterns and veneer images can be created. Since the humidor is not varnished by us in this case, the veneer on the last picture is still untreated. Only the varnishing and sanding as the last processing step makes the wood really flaming. Also our humidors normally do not get any „slips of paper“ as fittings. But a resourceful carpenter will come up with an idea to open the drawers, even if the actual drawer handles are only fitted to the cigar cupboard in the future home, the US Southern States.