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Individual wish: High-quality jewellery box from the carpenter

As a 135-year-old joinery, Gerber GmbH specialises in fulfilling your personal wishes. We are happy to listen to your ideas and try to implement them in constant dialogue with you as our customer. At the request of one of our customers, we have developed a completely new project: a detailed jewellery box, which is located in the body of our classic, the Cube HumidorCompared to other storage options for jewellery, it clearly stands out. The high-quality jewellery box made of smoked oak veneer convinces with its unique quality and simple elegance. Its interior consists of several shelves, all adapted to the size of the box and covered with velvet. In this way, each piece of jewellery finds its own place.

The noble veneer

In an elaborate process, the journeyman carpenter puts together the so-called veneer pattern. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, he has to make sure that the transitions between the wood grains merge smoothly. This requires the utmost skill, a great deal of concentration and, of course, some experience, because there are a few things that the carpenter has to pay attention to during the work. For this reason, we are very happy that our employees in the joinery have such skill. On the lid, the veneer forms a cross joint. This is created by laying the veneer pieces longways along the four 4 edges and then cutting and gluing them flush at a 45° angle.

The shelves

The shelves we used for the luxury jewellery case have a very soft suede coating. Their beige colour contrasts very elegantly with the corpus and sets off every piece of jewellery you put in it to its best advantage. The layout is variable, so that it can always be designed to suit the owner.

Lock & fittings

Gerber GmbH only uses fittings, hinges and locks of the highest quality for our cigar cabinets and other workpieces in order to be able to guarantee the optimum comfort of our customers. Of course, just like our humidors, this box also has a lock, so that any valuable item inside can be stored safely.

New concepts

As a carpenter’s workshop, it is our personal concern to take all our customers‘ wishes to heart. Thus, we always work according to the motto „There is nothing that does not exist“. Thanks to the valuable knowledge and skills with which our employees enrich Gerber Humidor’s projects every day, we have always been able to remain true to this motto. In this way, we were also able to successfully respond to the individual needs of a client in this project. Every order is a new challenge from which we try to take as much as possible for future work. If you have a cigar cabinet or other project in mind that you would like to realise in the near future, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing your exciting ideas and working with you.