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Humidor with electronic controlled humidity for Canada

Humidor to Canada

The above recording was made in our showroom just before we shipped the Humidor to Canada. We deliver our humidors worldwide. Packaging and transport is taken over and organized by us. Our transport boxes are ISPM certified. We pack the humidor to Canada by hand, each loose part being individually packed and secured. Our company can organize the transport via air freight or via sea freight. Most of our customers prefer air freight. Sea freight only makes sense for the big ones. But then you have to be able to wait.

Electronic humidification

The shown freestanding humidor to Canada with electronic humidification and dehumidification is a custom-made product. Our customer was looking for a special gift for her partner. Since he is already in possession of a beautiful Berkel cutting machine, the couple appreciated German workmanship. Visually, the humidor should match the existing American walnut interior. We exchanged some veneer samples by photo. The selected material harmonizes perfectly with the existing wood. We designed the humidor and drew it electronically. The electronic 3-D drawing gave the customer a good idea of what the humidor will look like later. Our customer told us his favorite cigar. We researched the box size. Then we calculated how many boxes would fit on a shelf. Customer service is everything.

The humidor to Canada is equipped with Spanish cedar in the interior. It is built like a Gerber Humidor No. 1 in small. Every shelve is flexibly adjustable and inclinable. The Serviceboard can be removed and with the integrated cigar scissors is a real eye-catcher for guests and customers. The drawers are exactly adapted to the width of the humidor. We found two cigar drawers exactly matching the size. The base in black lacquer is a nice contrast to the warm walnut wood. Our customer in Canada was very pleased with the gift and we were very pleased to be able to build such a beautiful piece of furniture.