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Humidor made of rough sawn wood with electronic humidifier

As carpenters with a passion, we have been making individual furniture to measure for over 135 years. The humidors have grown with us as a matter of the heart. Our cigar cabinets are now fully electronically equipped and fitted with the latest technology.
The fact that such a high-tech product can also „hide“ itself in a rustic cover is shown wonderfully by the humidor photographed. For a customer from Austria, we manufactured a hanging wall humidor matching the style of the interior design. It was a matter of the customer’s heart to have the exterior of the humidor made of the „old“ wood from which the furnishings of his house were made.

Custom made to measure

For such special designs, individual construction drawings are prepared in our company. With the help of these modern 3D drawings the humidor can be visualized exactly for the customer. He can see how the humidor will look like later. The division can be defined and the customer can decide how many cigarboards he needs and if he wants cigar drawers. On the basis of such a drawing it is also easy to determine the required material. This way we could tell the customer exactly how much of the wood will be needed. With the original sawed wood from Austria this humidor was handmade in our workshop with love.

Best quality – Humidor for Austria

The inside of the humidor is always made of real Spanish cedar, botanically Cedrela odorata. In our experience, the aroma of the wood is so unique and perfect for cigar storage that it should not be replaced by cheap plagiarism. However, only a true expert can process this wood. It is rather brittle, cracked and difficult to process. Due to our many years of experience we are nevertheless able to build beautiful humidor interior cabinets from it. Real carpenters get the most out of a piece of wood for the benefit of your cigars.