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Humidor in combination with liquor cabinet and exclusive tattoo

This summer a very special piece of craftsmanship was created in our workshop. A unique humidor in combination with a softly lit liqueur cabinet. As a special eye-catcher the glass pane was covered with a radiantly beautiful geisha. This masterpiece was created by carlie from carlies.artspace.

Colorful foliation

For such a foliation a high-resolution vector graphic is used as a template. The contours of the figure have been digitally traced by hand in an elaborate process. Exact lines are the prerequisite for a clean cut of the foil and thus decisive for the appearance. The foil was applied to the glass from the outside due to the colorfulness. When the door is opened, it reveals the interior of the Gerber cigar cabinet.

Humidor with 6 cigar drawers and electronic humidification

The size of the humidor is based on the Gerber Cigar Cabinet No. 1. The height of the cabinet has been slightly increased to accommodate a 5th cigarboard. In the usual quality these are made of pure Spanish cedar. The Cigarboards are height adjustable and tiltable. Each of them is illuminated with a cast LED strip. The flexibility of the light is unique in the world of humidors: if the height of the tray is adjusted, the light moves with the Cigarboard.

Liqueur cabinet

The humidor and liqueur cabinet was made as one body of oiled oak. The liqueur cabinet shines in the warm light of the LEDs, which are reflected in the bronzed mirror on the back wall. The glass shelves are framed in a frame of solid oak and thus appear particularly valuable. The customer wanted a functional area for mixing the drinks. Due to the robust nature of the material, we chose a Corian top above the drawers at working height. The shelves above them spring back slightly to allow easy handling and easy placing of the bottles on the Corian base.

The drawers at the bottom of the cabinet guarantee a high level of comfort for removing and storing the bottles. The drawers are made of solid oak with classic finger prongs. The English drawers with low front edge give a nice view and are practical in use. A perfect combination of stability and noble appearance. A real masterpiece of our experienced carpenters!