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Humidor Monolith Pyramid Mahogany

The choice of wood for a handcrafted humidor is always a very special moment. Nothing shapes the appearance of a unique piece of furniture as much as the surface. This leaves the strongest visual impression with the viewer. But it is also touched, stroked and caressed. Our claim is that the surface must please the eye and the hand. The humidor in the picture is made of precious Pyramid Mahogany veneer. This veneer is not only a natural growth, but also a special technique of extraction. In order to obtain the image shown, the cut must be made through the forking of a trunk. This explains why veneer is rare and precious.

Wood is nature

Nevertheless, you should always be aware that every piece of wood, every tree and every leaf of veneer represents a unique piece of nature. Even the growing conditions of the tree, where it stood, how the water and nutrient supply was, have an influence on the later growth pattern and the appearance of the veneer. A stone inclusions, even wormholes and cracks in the veneer belong to the appearance of a genuine precious wood. They do not cloud the quality but testify to this authenticity of genuine manual work with natural raw materials. This can be seen very nicely on the Humidor Monolith Pyramid Mahogany shown. We have been carpenters for over 135 years and would like to remain so for at least as long, so we stand for sustainability and resource-saving production.

Veneer has many advantages

Our woods and veneers come from protected cultivation with regulated reforestation. This is another reason why in many cases veneer is the better choice than a piece of solid wood. Veneer was invented by the ancient Egyptians. The stock of precious trees in Egypt was limited and by thinly cutting the wood into veneer sheets one could conserve resources. The advantage of veneer in today’s processing is that it can be applied to a resilient carrier material. The dimensional stability of the material is particularly important for use in the manufacture of a cigar cabinet, such as the Humidor Monolith Pyramid Mahogany shown here. Real wood often still works, can warp and change depending on humidity. This does not happen with veneer on carrier material.