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Humidor for cigars – a special production Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Uniqueness and quality distinguish our humidors and distinguish the Gerber cigar cabinets from many alternatives. As with the No. 1 shown, the design is uniquely tailored to the customer’s wishes. We have stained the oak of the humidor in exactly the same shade as the customer’s cigar room. The cigar cabinet now makes an Aficionado in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia happy.

Features for the best quality

If you as a prospective customer ask yourself what constitutes the quality of a cigar cabinet, you will probably not find a completely conclusive answer. We have collected some key points for you and explained how we at Gerber Humidor deal with this:

Tightness – the humidor must close tightly so that the humidified air remains inside the cigar cabinet. If the humidor were to leak, the humidifier would have to operate continuously. Often the performance of the humidifier is then not sufficient and the cigars dry out. We pay attention to a clean sealing level and use bands and closing systems adapted to the size of the humidor. These are inserted by hand and carefully checked for their function.

Volume – for the total volume in the humidor the simple formula applies – the bigger the better. It is easier to achieve a stable climate in the humidor if there is enough circulation area. Especially a certain depth of at least 45cm (better 55/60cm or more) should not be undercut in the best case. The air is circulated by ventilators and air channels and moved in the humidor in a targeted manner. Our shelves, called cigarboards, always keep a distance to our inner body. This also requires space.

Shelves and drawers – we offer many different possibilities for dividing our humidors. All components are made of Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata). They have circulation holes so that the air in the cigar cabinet can move. You can choose between trays (cigarboards), cigar drawers, service boards and our flexible system of dividers for cedrela pins and frames.

Fittings and material – our fittings and components in the humidor are absolutely top quality and of the finest quality. They comply with German industry standards, are durable and require little maintenance. We only use water-resistant materials such as open-pored wood, casted LED strips, stainless steel or aluminium. All woodwork in the humidor that has been carried out by our carpenters is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Hygrometers or humidity sensors – the classic hair hygrometers only have a very inaccurate display. With very high quality manufactured specimens a deviation of +/- 5% is still a common standard. Therefore we use a highly sensitive electronic humidity sensor with industry standard. It is located at a precisely measured point inside the humidor and continuously measures the relative humidity in the air flow.

Humidification system – passive humidification systems such as sponges, polymers or crystal humidifiers release moisture in an uncontrolled manner. There are no measured values that are sent back to these systems. This makes accurate humidification inside the humidor impossible. Our active humidification system is electronically monitored and controlled. Your personal set point is freely adjustable and is compared with the actual value at regular intervals.

Interior Lining – The Spanish Cedar is not called the „Original Humidor Wood“ for nothing. It has a unique aroma that makes the heart of a cigar smoker beat faster. It forms the perfect environment for cigars to mature. In addition, untreated and processed by an expert, it has many positive characteristics. It can easily absorb the existing moisture and is resistant to fungi and spores.

If you would like to learn more about the best humidors, just give us a call or write an e-mail. We will gladly advise you!