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Humidor for a kitchen unit in the USA

In addition to our humidor models we have a lot of experience in the production of special solutions. The humidor shown here has been produced here in our manufactory and is now delighting our customers in the USA. We were commissioned to build a large, luxurious cigar cabinet. Inside of course made of Spanish cedar, the fragrant humidor wood. Equipped with several cigar drawers and a Serviceboard. The top line of the cigar drawers had to follow the line of the worktop seamlessly. From the original 4 drawers we extended the construction to 6 drawers to meet this customer request. The handle of the humidor is perfectly adapted to the handle of the wine refrigerator on the left side. For this reason we have moved the lock in the humidor downwards. What sounds so simple required a lot of meticulous craftsmanship and a perfect elevation by our executive carpenter. The multipoint lock, which keeps the humidor tight, has several locking points. These had to be distributed in such a way that the humidor closes cleanly and the handle can still be mounted. Normally the lock is located in the middle.

Veneer on site

New for us was to produce the Humidor unveneered. It was very important to our customer that the final finish of the outer shell is only applied on site. The humidor should fit perfectly into the kitchen. So we did something very unusual: we made the humidor out of MDF and sent it to the USA almost raw. From the inside perfectly illuminated and set in scene, from the outside still a little bit undressed. We were all the more pleased when we saw the result: the humidor fits perfectly to the kitchen, the lines are right and the whole thing looks „as if from one piece“. A carpenter who produces a component for a whole ocean far away couldn’t work better.


The humidor is equipped with electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification. The relative humidity is freely adjustable by our customer and is controlled by a highly sensitive humidity sensor. The control in the humidor works very precisely according to an extra durable industry standard. With a remote control the customer can switch the atmospheric lighting of the humidor on and off at any time. The humidor is the perfect complement to the inviting kitchen and certainly one or the other cigar is smoked in style in the cosy environment.