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Humidor electrically and electronically controlled

We are happy to photograph our workpieces during their creation. Like the humidor shown here, it is electrically and electronically controlled. We regularly show the work pieces of our manufactory to show you the variety of our humidors. As we have been involved in the construction of humidors for decades, we are in a position to produce a wide range of variations. Differences in size, design and surface are no problem for us.

High-gloss surfaces are particularly remarkable. Unfortunately, the unique gloss is difficult to capture for a photo. Especially since the humidor shown has an extraordinary combination. Our Cube in the upper part of the humidor is made of high-gloss lacquer. The base, called Base by us, however, is silk matt. The white tone is the same on the whole surface. Also for us it was the first time to see a humidor electrically and electronically controlled with different degrees of gloss varnished. We really like the effect. The iridescent white of the humidor attracts everyone’s attention. And the restrained base skillfully directs them to the humidor.

Cube & Base

Our Desktop-Humidor is connected to the Base, but can be detached at any time with a few simple steps and is therefore flexible from its location. The electronically controlled, passive humidifier of the Cube is battery-operated and therefore functional regardless of location. The adjustable target value is between 60 and 75% relative humidity. And the controlled membrane evaporation ensures even and constant humidification of the cigars. The humidor is electrically and electronically controlled.

The atmospheric illumination of the lid under the glass pane is only possible in conjunction with the base. Thus we have the technical possibility to lead the power supply into the lid of the cube. There, cast LEDs provide atmospheric light. If the cube is to be installed separately from the base, the cable can easily be disconnected.  We are proud to have implemented this customer idea and are still enthusiastic about this unique design.