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the best cigar humidor cabinet made in germany

Humidor cabinets of the black series with electronically controlled humidification

Our „black series“ of the most beautiful humidors combines timeless elegance and optimal function. You see, from left to right, the Gerber Humidor CigarArt with glass from three sides for the perfect view. On the right, the Gerber Humidor No. 1, the large freestanding cigar cabinet for 1000 cigars and more. In the foreground and far right the Gerber Cigar Cabinet Ascension with the unique remote controlled glass dome for the “Wow-effect”.


Even though all humidors look black, unique surfaces and materials have been used. The CigarArt is dressed in bog oak. This is a European specialty, as it is oak that grew 600 to 8500 years ago and then started to char when stored naturally under water (e.g. in moors). The color is blue-black and as a real wood veneer it is really something special.

No. 1

The Gerber Humidor No. 1 is completely covered in real carbon fiber and is therefore unique in its design worldwide. In order to show off the unique structure of the carbon fabric to its best advantage, it was once completely wrapped around the standing humidor. Every single edge, every joint and groove was perfectly finished by hand. Finally, the humidor receives a high-gloss lacquer coating to make it unique for eternity.


The cigar cabinets from Gerber with the glass dome are painted black matt in the version shown. As a large joinery with more than 135 years of practical experience, we have a wide range of machinery and a modern spraying room for surface treatment. Our specially trained skilled workers paint the humidors with modern technology in many steps by hand.


All freestanding cigar cabinets have an active humidification system adapted to the cabinet volume. The humidifier is tailored to the size of the model and thus guarantees a balanced climate according to the desired relative humidity. The humidification system consists of several perfectly matched components. Electronic components such as the highly sensitive humidity sensor according to industry standards ensure an exact measurement of the prevailing relative humidity. These values are transmitted to the electronic controller at systematic time intervals. This precisely controls the balance between target humidity / relative humidity and dehumidification. The system is perfected by integrated air ducts and uniform air distribution in the humidor.