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Desktop humidor black high glossy humidity cigar

Desktop Humidor Mallorca in black high glossy lacquer

This beautiful table humidor in black high-gloss piano lacquer, has received a very special and personal touch. The heart of the humidor receiver was immortalized in the form of a filigree laser engraving in the glass of the lid. 

Mallorca immortalized in the glass

The humidor was chosen by our customer as a very unique birthday present for a family member. The Aficionado loves the Spanish island Mallorca and the enjoyment of good cigars. As a perfect addition to the Spanish finca, the cigar lover has received a Gerber table humidor equipped with an electronic humidifier. Even if you leave your Gerber humidor at your holiday resort, maintenance is no problem and the cigars are safely stored.

Safe storage for cigars

The humidifier only needs to be refilled with distilled water approximately every 3 months. The electronic display shows the demand reliably and easily recognisable. The Spanish Cedar feels at home on the Spanish Dream Island, even though it actually comes from South America. Each of our humidors is equipped with it inside. Each humidor is unique and a distinctiv gift.