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Cube in walnut root veneer - an exquisite piece of carpentry work

Desktop humidor in walnut root veneer – an exquisite piece of carpentry work

The Cube humidor in walnut root makes the hearts of many cigar lovers beat faster for many reasons, who want their treasures to be well protected. Both its exciting grain and the small, versatile shape offer numerous advantages. It is the perfect blend of classic, elegant craftsmanship and modern, innovative technology.

Walnut root veneer

The very exquisite walnut root wood is a real rarity due to its rare occurrence and age. This is not the only reason why it is so desirable; its incomparable grain is also immediately convincing. The wild, wavelike curves that make up the pattern create a unique root pattern. Just as every tree grows differently and the annual rings run differently, so it is with the roots of the trees. Sometimes wilder shapes tumble over the veneer, sometimes they are more calm again. This naturally presents the carpenter with great challenges in his craft: Will he find the next piece of the puzzle to put together a coherent veneer picture? At the Gerber joinery, we rely on the craftsmanship of our many journeymen carpenters. Each of them brings with them the artistry to devote themselves fully to the individual steps of the process.

A cigar as a moment in itself

During the pandemic, many people are currently looking for halt, for regularity, for routine or ritual. A nice ritual can be to reward oneself from time to time. Everyone deserves this, especially because of the stressful everyday life we are exposed to in times of Corona. Pleasure relaxes, satisfies the senses and gives new energy for later challenges. Take a moment for yourself, listen to the soft sounds of the record player or the stereo and sit down in a comfortable armchair. This wonderful feeling of relaxation can also be enhanced by enjoying a cigar, for example. Gerber humidors offer the optimal setting for perfect comfort. Humidors like this one provide enough space for storing your cigar collection. Thanks to the humidification meter, the cigars can be stored in the best conditions.

Uniqueness and courteous service

Just as each of our customers is unique, so are our humidors. This is due to the fact that every tree grows differently, we also receive different veneers. However, it is always important to us that we can maintain our exquisite quality consistently. In addition, we adapt each piece of furniture and each humidor to the individual needs of our customers. This is made possible by the technical know-how and diversity that we have experienced in 135 years of company history as a joinery. Thanks to these circumstances, each of our pieces is unique, and this is what we stand for with our name. In order to be able to fulfil the wishes of our customers to their complete satisfaction, we combine the craftsmanship of our employees with the ideas of our planning team. In this way, we visualise your ideas, work them out together with you and pass the finished designs on to production. Here, in turn, our expert journeymen take over, who go to work with the highest precision. People all over the world benefit from our humidors. Starting in Duisburg, our customer base extends across the entire Ruhr region, Essen, Düsseldorf, Bochum, Cologne, Meerbusch, but also beyond the (national) borders.