GERBER Humidor logo
Artline Series – Artists design humidors CUBE News – Modern history in the smoker lounge. Contemporary newspaper clippings form the surface of the CUBE Artline News. These were individually selected and applied to document the mood of the times. Thus, each humidor becomes an unmistakable individual piece. CUBE Time – watch winder instead of cigar cabinet Not cigars, but time is the theme of the CUBE Artline Time – in it hides not a humidor, but a watch winder of cutting-edge technology. Externally individually clad, for example with newspaper cuttings on the surface, this special piece of furniture presents itself entirely under the sign of time. The Time-Mover is another building block for the Gerber Humidor ideal: Top quality – Made in Germany. Knowing that his watches are perfectly kept and presented is the most important thing for a collector. We give our customers this feeling of security. A piece of furniture for connoisseurs offers not only space for valuable watches. The leather-lined interior offers two removable containers for cufflinks, pocket watches or other items that deserve a special place. CUBE Sense – Enjoy with all senses. Glued with processed newspaper, the Cube Artline Sense gets a structure that immediately awakens in the viewer the desire to stroke the surface. A cigar is enjoyed with all the senses. You feel the warmth of the puff, see the glow of the embers, hear the crackle and perceive the aromas and taste of the tobacco. Through the special feel of the CUBE Sense, you see how the light refracts on the structure and imagine how the humidor may feel. CUBE Gold – A treasure chest for your cigars The warm glimmer of gold has always exerted a tremendous attraction on man. In the past as today, the precious metal is a symbol of prosperity, imperishability and class. With its exclusive humidor surface, the CUBE Gold is a real eye-catcher. Over ten different primers are applied until the gold is „laid on“ with a badger hair brush. For our humidor, well over 200 wafer-thin gold leaves of 23 carat double ducat gold are individually polished onto the CUBE with the agate. Screws and hinges are also covered with gold by electroplating to make the image of a treasure chest perfect.