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Cigar Cabinets made in Germany with electronic controlled humidification and individual design

Cigar cabinets custom made in Germany – electronically controlled humidity

When our showroom shines in the light of our handmade cigar cabinets, our customers are full of anticipation and we are especially proud. We had the privilege of producing an especially large number of beautiful humidors for our worldwide customers at the end of the year. The Gerber Humidor team puts all cabinets into operation on site and tests all humidors and the electronically controlled humidification in detail. Only when our quality management has approved them (and also the boss Mr Gerber jun is personally satisfied), our humidors are sent to all places in the world. The unique pieces shown will later house cigars in Doha, Vienna, Belgium, the USA and Switzerland.

Unique pieces for cigar lovers

Each cabinet is a custom-made unique piece, designed and built according to the wishes of our customers. We advise all interested parties free of charge and without obligation in German and English on the equipment options and the individual design of the cigar cabinets. With our many years of experience, we always take into account the technical feasibility and functionality of the humidor. A cigar cabinet is a piece of work with special challenges. The Gerber Humidor team has meanwhile built hundreds of humidors of all sizes for (almost) all places in the world.

Design and creativity

We are always reinventing the exterior design. We work with the most beautiful woods you can imagine. From Macassar, to White Ebony, to Cherry, Bog Oak and Rosewood, just to name a few. We only use woods that are certified grown and sustainably support the local timber industry. We also offer high gloss lacquers, carbon or real metal finishes.

Only `Spanish Cedar´ inside

The interior cabinet of our humidors is always made of Spanish Cedar. Botanically correct, the Spanish cedar is called Cedrela Odorata. Also known as the real humidor wood. The Spanish Cedar has a very special aroma that flatters the aroma of the cigar and creates a wonderful taste high. The Spanish cedar in the cigar cabinet is therefore for us a quality feature from which we do not deviate.

Relative humidity is controlled electronically. Each cigar cabinet, even in the standard version, has a long-tested electronic control system developed by Gerber Humidor. You set the value of relative humidity at which the cigars are best for you to smoke and store, and the Gerber Humidor regulates the rest.