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Cigar cabinet for Canada with electronic humidification made of Makassar

The Number one cigar cabinet is the world leader among freestanding humidors in terms of equipment and craftsmanship. You will find nothing comparable in terms of technical equipment and handwork. We have been manufacturing this humidor in our family business for over 15 years. There 135 years of experience as a carpenter and technical know-how flow in. A real Gerber humidor is the best thing that can happen to your cigars.

Makassar cigar cabinet

The cupboard is over two meters tall and completely veneered in Makassar ebony. Makassar is one of the most beautiful and noble woods at all. Laying the veneer sheets by hand and applying them perfectly over a large area is a masterpiece of our best carpenters. By varnishing with a silk-matt clear varnish, the wood is protected and its colour is inflamed. This gives it its final, intensive color tone. The humidor has made a customer in Canada happy.

Automatic humidification

The humidor is automatically humidified and dehumidified by a multi-stage humidification system. Highly sensitive humidity sensors control the values in the humidor. As soon as the relative humidity falls below the adjustable setpoint, the electronic controller activates the humidifier. A system of moisture-resistant fans and recirculation fans ensure that the humid air is evenly distributed inside the cigar cabinet. The display can be seen from the outside and informs you at any time about the values in the humidor.

Perfect storage of cigars

You can store both cigar boxes and loose cigars wonderfully in the Gerber Humidor Number One. Due to our handcrafted precision, the humidor closes completely airtight. The high-quality sandwich construction of the humidor and the door guarantee the lifetime durability of the handmade piece of furniture. We give a lifetime guarantee on our carpentry work. Inside the cigar cabinet we work exclusively with Spanish Cedar. We dry them over long periods of time in our own storage areas and have years of experience in processing. In this way we can make use of all the positive characteristics of real humidor wood and the scent of Spanish Cedar lets your cigars mature wonderfully. We are pleased that Canadian cigar lovers are also enthusiastic about our cigar cabinets „Made in Germany“.