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Cigar cabinet for Great Britain

Our customer in Great Britain is looking forward to his genuine Gerber Humidor. Our cigar cabinet is a built-in solution, designed as an eye-catcher in an individual whiskey cabinet. Classically we mitre the corners of the frame door and the frame itself.

The connection is dimensionally stable, classic and beautiful. To make sure that the humidor matches the lines of the whiskey cabinet, we decided in consultation with the designer to use a so-called blunt connection. Here you can see how the slot and cone are traditionally worked by hand.

Solid wood for the door

The dimensions for slot and journal are marked directly on the workpiece. Approximately 1/3th and 2/3th of the wood thickness is torn with one stroking measure; in this way the joiner marks how much wood is taken away and how much is left. Solid maple wood is used here. With a chisel the tenon is reworked by hand. The edging must fit exactly into the slot in a semicircular shape. This requires expertise, external dimensions and the skilled hand of an experienced carpenter. When the two parts of the frame are joined together, it is immediately apparent how perfectly the work has been done. The finished humidor for Great Britain shows how beautiful a handmade frame door is.

Electronic control

The humidor is stained on site in the UK to match the colour of the whisky cabinet exactly. We are very excited about the result when it is installed. To ensure that the lighting is also in perfect harmony, we use LED light strips from England, which the customer has sent us. This ensures that the finished piece of furniture gives a harmonious overall picture. The cigar cabinet is equipped with electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification. The digital display shows the exact value of the relative humidity in the humidor. The cigar cabinet is equipped with the best Gerber system and will give our customer a lifetime of pleasure.