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Built-in humidor – electronic humidification included

A narrow frame creates the perfect view into your built-in humidor

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers smaller humidors with a narrower frame in addition to our existing built-in humidors. This is just about 4.5 to 5.5 centimeters wide instead of the standard 9 centimeters. There is no loss, because the individual custom-made, optimal storage and maturation of your cigars have the highest priority for us.

New fittings make it possible to realize smaller and medium-sized humidors with narrower frames. After successful testing and further development, we have succeeded in producing these humidor models with a constant tightness. The lock is replaced by elegant handle or magnet systems, which guarantee a closed system. These can either be individually adapted to your existing handle systems or newly combined. Cigar cabinets with a smaller frame offers you a larger sight glass and look more filigree overall. The view into your  valuable cigar collection is perfect. In addition, the built-in humidors create a more homogeneous overall picture in your room thanks to their adapted proportions.

Built-in humidor

Our built-in humidors can be integrated into existing systems. Whether in counters, in existing pieces of furniture or in wall niches, we always try to make your ideas and wishes possible. Every humidor is elaborately handmade. We only use Spanish Cedar because it protects the aroma of your cigars and supports the ripening process. A storage over a longer period of time is also secured. Depending on the size is also in a small to medium humidor the equipment free and individually selectable. We also offer you a wide range of colour choices so that colour accents can be set. At the same time, mixes of materials and colours can create contrasts or even a uniform impression. In addition, you can personalize your humidor – a unique piece with your name.

We are pleased to create with you a very personal GERBER Humidor. We look forward to your inquiry!