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wall mounted humidor electronic humidification system

Built-in humidor conveys „real love“ for the craft

„Real love“ for the craft and for the material wood has characterized the Gerber family business for more than 135 years. When we see how perfectly a hand-made built-in humidor blends into the furniture of the room, we are proud and happy.

Victories and defeats are discussed in the lounge on display; often celebrations are held and sometimes decisive strategies are planned during long nights. Sometimes a good cigar is part of it. And because only true passion finds its place in such an environment, we were of course delighted that our customer chose a genuine Gerber Humidor.

Cigar Lounge

The humidor is a wall mounted solution; made to measure, designed to match the adjacent furniture and built by hand by our experienced carpenters. For such a building project we work very closely with the architect and the interior designer. Only through good consultation from craftsman to craftsman can it be ensured that design and functionality are equally masterly executed.

Wall mounted humidor

The shown built-in humidor is equipped with an electronic humidifier. Inside completely made of original Spanish cedar and equipped with pull-out shelves. We deliberately avoid pull-out shelves made of metal, as the material would suffer in the humid environment and quickly become unattractive. The shelves run classically wood on wood and are finely crafted by hand until they run absolutely smoothly. The door is concave rounded and fitted with tinted glass, which gives the humidor a very special look.