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built- in Humidor black oak

Built-in humidor in black lacquered oak goes to Beverly Hills California

The black built-in humidor is still safely placed in our workshop. After completion of the woodwork, the cigar cabinet will be equipped with the necessary electrics and electronics.
The lighting is switched on and off with the help of a shapely remote control. The light consists of LED – strips with warm-white light, which are protected against humidity according to our specifications. The LED strips are supplied to us by an experienced partner of many years in lighting technology as a guarantee for consistent quality. The light material for the cigar cabinet is handmade and tested especially for the Gerber Humidor.

Kelvin (K) Light color

Our humidors are delivered with warm white light. The color of the light describes the different characteristics of a light that is perceived as white. This ranges from warm white to universal white and daylight white. Warm white, as the name suggests, is perceived as „warmer“ due to the higher yellow content. Daylight white on the other hand is a whiter light and the light color is often described as „cool“. With our customers worldwide, from Switzerland to the USA, smoking a cigar stands for cosiness and a comfortable atmosphere. Therefore we often use warm white light colors in our cigar cabinets. The warm light colors can be recognized by the fact that they are indicated with less than 3,300 Kelvin.

Ambience according to customer requirements

We are happy to consider your individual well-being and also the light values of the room and the furniture, which our humidor may complement. Especially our built-in humidors, as shown in the picture above, should fit perfectly into the existing environment. They are made to measure and therefore fit perfectly into niches and shelf segments. The piece of furniture in which the cigar cabinet is integrated should use the same light color as the Gerber humidor. Therefore we are happy to coordinate with the client or the architects to guarantee a homogeneous light experience.