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Best cigar storage – cigar cabinet digitally controlled

The Gerber Humidor Humidification System is a proprietary development based on our experience in the manufacture of cigar cabinets. We do not buy humidification equipment from a third party manufacturer, but have designed, tested and, over many years, continuously developed the humidor control and humidification system built into our cigar cabinets.

The basis of our humidification system is a powerful cold evaporator. The use of moisture-resistant fans with quality industry standards ensures that distilled water is swirled on the surface and the surrounding air is humidified. The humidified air in the interior of the humidor is directed and distributed through ventilation channels adapted to the humidor. Through intensive testing on our own humidors we know how the humidified air is distributed inside the humidor. Based on this data, the control and even distribution of the humid air can be implemented.

Measurement of the relative air humidity

Based on the results of the logged test series, we were able to determine the best position for the highly sensitive humidity sensor inside the humidor. This measures the actual value of the relative humidity in the cigar cabinet. The tight measuring cycles of the humidity sensor in the cigar cabinet are important here. Only in this way can the actual value be measured exactly and provide meaningful data. The information from the various components all flow together in an electronically controlled control unit.

Electronic control unit with display

The digital display of the control unit shows the exact value of the relative humidity in the humidor. We install the control unit and the display in the humidor in such a way that the display can be read from the outside and our customers always know what values are inside the humidor. Our customers worldwide appreciate this. From Hong Kong to the USA, Great Britain and Switzerland. The setpoint value of the humidor can be changed with just a few button presses on the display’s controls. This allows you to set the desired relative humidity precisely.

Natural moisture storage through Spanish cedar wood

The best complement to a sophisticated humidification system is an open-pored wood inside the humidor. We only use Spanish cedar wood (Cedrela odorata) inside the humidor. The untreated wood can store moisture naturally for a long time. So if you do not actively humidify your humidor but keep the door closed, the relative humidity will remain stable for a longer period of time, depending on the temperature. In addition, the aroma of the Spanish Cedar is naturally incomparable. Your cigars will thank you for it.