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Humidor cabinet as built-in solution. Wall mounted electric humidor.

Best Built-in Humidor

The construction and design of a humidor must reflect the taste and unique style of our customer. Therefore it is particularly important to us to implement individual design wishes. Of course, this includes the choice of equipment. Depending on which cigar brands are preferred, other interior dimensions are also required. Cigar lovers who prefer to present loose cigars or who have already purchased individual pieces often opt for cigar drawers in the humidor. The brands and sizes can be stored there separately.
Each Afficionado knows, cigar sizes vary strongly and also the sizes of the cigar boxes are very various. We are often asked how many cigars or boxes fit into our humidors. Without knowing whether our customer prefers to smoke Double Corona or rather Short Cohibas, there is no clear indication of the quantity. We can calculate exactly how large the storage area on each individual cigar board will be or how large the volume in the humidor can be. Everything else depends on the cigars that are actually collected.

Best Built-in humidor with function

In addition to the question of design, the construction of a humidor must also ensure its functionality. More often we are asked whether we could also produce pure glass doors so that the view of the cigars is as clear as possible. And of course, as an experienced cigar cabinet manufacturer, we could, for example, provide the best built-in humidor with a pure glass door. But the interior of a humidor must close tightly in order to control and regulate the exchange of fresh air and relative humidity. Our framed doors equipped with tried and tested locking systems ensure tightness. The humidor shown has a particularly narrow frame, adapted to the shape of the humidor. Matching the dimensions of the cigar cabinet, we can thus implement a filigree appearance and ensure tightness. However, if the doors of the humidor become larger and heavier, the materials such as hinges and hinges must also be adapted. We will be happy to set your wishes and advise you on the construction possibilities.