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Piano lacquer humidor in Switzerland

The cigar cabinet for a Swiss club is deep black and has a radiant shine. Just like a beautiful piano or a classical grand piano looks like. Hence the name piano lacquer.
This particularly shiny and expensive varnish on a cigar cabinet is a very special piece of art of handicraft. Today it shines in a salon in Switzerland and makes the room shine.

Applying varnish

The application of this special varnish requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. Already in the middle of the 19th century the reflecting surface was in fashion. The surface was created by a so-called abrasive lacquer. This was applied by hand with a brush and then sanded. This process was repeated several times until the surface was really smooth and colour intensive.

Professional execution by the expert

Even today the paint is still applied by hand, but with the help of a pointed gun in a so-called dust-free spraying room. This is an important working area of a well-equipped joinery, where especially qualified skilled workers take care of the laborious work on the surface. The application with the spray gun at the cigar cabinet for Switzerland ensures the quality of the paint application. The surface is free of structures due to this process. Nevertheless, the varnish is sanded and overpainted several times to give the humidor a robust and colour-intensive surface.

Good things take time

The finish in black high-gloss lacquer has an influence on the production time. After the individual painting passes, the respective paint application must dry slowly but intensively. This prevents colour changes of the lacquer. Only when the lacquer has hardened sufficiently is it sanded, polished and repainted. Especially when it comes to piano lacquer, we always tell our customers: we can do as good as we can, but at this point, manual work takes time. Therefore the result is all the more beautiful.