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Cigar cabinet for Switzerland

Cigar Cabinet for Switzerland

For an aficionado, the perfect après-ski also includes a perfectly stored cigar. We are pleased that now also in the beautiful skiing area of Samnaun in Switzerland the cigars are stored and presented in a Gerber Humidor. Stop by at the Schmuggler-Alm and enjoy the varied offers in a great atmosphere. In the duty-free shop a wide selection of the finest cigars is offered in a freestanding Cigar Cabinet from our company.

Old Oak for the Swiss cigar cabinet

The custom-made Cigar Humidor for Switzerland is dressed in beam oak, like the entire Smugglers‘ Alm. The veneer of the beam oak is not obtained from a tree trunk, but from „old“ oak beams that have often been used before. The veneer is therefore particularly heterogeneous; often very branched and cracked with a unique veneer pattern. It exudes the quaint charm and authentic rusticity of an original Swiss mountain hut. The cracks in the veneer are intentional and are part of its special appearance. Black glue or black backing material is often used to preserve the overall appearance.

Freestanding humidor

The humidor is one of the largest freestanding cigar humidors with a width of almost 4 meters that we have manufactured so far. We were very happy to produce this beautiful cigar cabinet for Switzerland. It is equipped with an electronically controlled humidification system and automatic dehumidification. So the humidor can react to external fluctuations of the room climate at any time. Equipped with 4 powerful cold evaporators, the system in the Swiss catering business is very low-maintenance and durable. The highest quality craftsmanship meets the most modern technical equipment and gives pleasure for a lifetime.