Cigar Cabinet with 40 drawers and humidification

Spanish cedar and Cocobolo cigar cabinet with 40 drawers

„I need a lot of drawers in my humidor and it has to be something very special“ was the wish of our customer from Doha. It ended up being 40 drawers made of Spanish Cedar and an exterior design made of real Cocobolo wood, framed by solid brass. We are curious what the guests of Fork & Knife’s restaurant in Doha, „The Pearl“, will say about this unique piece of jewelry for cigars.

40 drawers made of Spanish cedar

According to the proven Gerber quality standard, the humidor consists of an inner body made of original Spanish cedar and a dimensionally stable outer body. The aroma of Spanish Cedar makes the humidor inside smell fragrant and turns the cigar cabinet into the perfect storage place for fine cigars. The restaurant’s best regular customers receive a personalized drawer for their favorite cigars. The drawers are handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces made of solid cedar wood (Cedrela odorata). Unlike many modern drawers, they can slide open and closed without any tools at all. With a classic milled groove, each drawer is guided in the humidor; the humidity in the humidor cannot harm them.

Powerful tangential fan for air circulation

In addition to the established humidification system, the cigar cabinet is equipped with effective dehumidification and a powerful cross-flow fan. The additional fan in the upper part of the humidor is used to ensure air circulation in the humidor interior cabinet across all levels. The more wood is installed in a humidor, the more balanced the air circulation must be planned and implemented. And 40 drawers are made of a lot of solid wood.

Cocobolo and Brass

The color combination of the reddish Cocobolo wood with the noble brass immediately inspired us. The expression of the wood is particularly warm and lively. It complements the lighter hue of the Spanish cedar and allows both woods to shine particularly beautifully. The noble brass bridges the gap between the classic materials used in high-quality furniture construction and the modern design of the humidor. The classy look is timeless and will enhance the Doha restaurant for many decades to come.