Regal in appearance – singular in feel


Our high-tech material Corian® by DuPont impresses by its various processing techniques and unimagined possibilities. Whether it’s for an unconventional Ascension humidor or for the small Cube, the longevity, durability, and easy care of Corian ® is as essential as the unparalleled attractive matte finish, the silky surface, and the unique feel. It’s no wonder, therefore, that this material is so much in demand and has become one of our most popular materials. There is no limit to the color choices of the mineral material. There are bright, vivid, and saturated solid colors, delicate white and pastel tones, earth tones, various shades of black, and other atmospheric dark colors. Some of these choices have interesting effects, such as a grain or a tactile grain. Only qualifies companies can process this material. Gerber is one of them.

Gerber Humidor Ascension L Palisander Corian Black

Gerber Humidor Ascension L Cocobolo Corian Black

Gerber Humidor Ascension Olivetree Corian

gerber humidor ascension Oak corian

Gerber Humidor Ascension Corian

wreath and base made of Corian®

decor made of Corian®

Corian® furniture

„The silky, smooth, warm surface of the high-tech material seduces to touch.“

The fascination and versatility that emanates from the mineral make it unmistakable. In our manufacture we use Corian® not only for humidor construction but also for interior fittings. We manufacture individual furnishings that fit your premises perfectly. Due to its hygienic and resistant surface, the mineral can also be used optimally in kitchens.
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Color spectra

The color palette developed by DuPont contains a large assortment of colors with different textures. In addition, the mineral can also be printed. The wide range of optics guarantees a wide range of combinations with other materials such as wood, metal, glass and already existing design concepts.