humidor walnut humidification automatic

Humidor Ascension with glass dome and automatic humidification

The color combination of the Ascension for a Swiss client gave the Gerber team a lot of pleasure from the very beginning. The yellow-brown-red French walnut finds the ideal complement in the bronze-colored laminate under the glass dome.

Two humidification zones

The Ascension humidor is a real eye-catcher from the outside and inside. It features two equal humidification zones. Cigars can be stored under the glass hood as well as in the lower part of the cabinet. The removable service board is particularly suitable for storing and presenting loose cigars. Handcrafted from genuine Spanish cedar, it serves as a presentation tray for a good smoke at the table. Equipped with Spanish cedar fidibuses and matching tools, you have everything present at your fingertips to treat your guests.

French walnut in Switzerland

The exterior design and layout of the Serviceboard has been created entirely according to the customer’s wishes. In the standard configuration, a cutout for a stainless steel cigar cutter with a guillotine cut is made in the Spanish cedar Serviceboard. The customer from Switzerland requested a cutout to match the preferred cutter knife. Of course, we were happy to fulfill this request. The black knife is also a good looking feature on our service board. Of course we are also happy to deliver humidors to our European neighbors in Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Scandinavia, Spain and everywhere in the world.