Humidor automatic humidification carbon

Humidified cigar cabinet wrapped in carbon

The cigar cabinet with a carbon outer shell was handcrafted in our manufactory in Germany and is now located in Revere, Massachussetts USA. In its new location in a cozy „Man’s Cave“ the humidor makes an American cigar collector happy today.

Precise values in the humidor

Cigar lovers are everywhere in the world, from the East Coast in the USA, to Hong-Kong, to Sydney and Tel-Aviv. We are pleased that all over the world Gerber cigar cabinets make demanding cigar collectors happy. The modern technical systems for humidification and the additional regulation of dehumidification offer cigars a real feel-good climate. Whether for loving cigar aging of classic Cubans over several years or for the right humidity for the next smoke, a cigar cabinet from Gerber provides precise values and setting options.

Electronically controlled humidification

The Gerber Carbon cigar cabinet for our American customer features an electronically controlled humidification system. The system has been developed by Gerber Humidor for our international customers in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Asia and in all other places itself and has been constantly refined and improved over the last 25 years. A highly precise humidity sensor controls the values in the humidor at short intervals. The desired relative humidity is set by our customers in Europe, America and Asia themselves. Values between the frequently desired 65 and 75% rL. are possible in 0.1% steps. An electronic control system compares the actual values in the humidor with the pre-set target value. In case of deviations, the system starts working and activates humidification or dehumidification as required.

Spanish cedar inside – carbon outside

The Spanish cedar inside supports the electronically controlled humidification system in a natural way. The wood with the special cigar aroma may only be processed untreated. Only the natural aromas underline the scent of the cigars during the so-called cigar aging. In addition, the open-pored wood provides a natural moisture regulation. The untreated surface of the wood provides like a sponge for a supportive humidity regulation in the humidor. The aromas and aromatic resin of the wood make it resistant to germs, bacteria and mold. In the exterior design of a humidor, we are completely free in the choice of materials. We are happy to fulfill your customer wishes, such as here for the American aficionado a noble cigar cabinet in carbon.