humidor cigar cabinet built in humidity blue

Cigar cabinet – custom made and humidity inside

Each cigar cabinet from the Duisburg manufacture Gerber Humidor is a custom-made. The humidor cabinets with electronically controlled humidification are often requested and manufactured as a built-in solution.

The unique cabinets, which store the valuable cigars, are perfectly matched to the complementary furniture. On the picture we show the first blue humidor that we made here in our workshop. This is not just any blue color, but a very special shade. The customer’s architectural office sent us a design plan of the entire room. This showed the wall color in parts in blue and also other furniture in the room.

Not all blue is the same

During the design planning process, the end customer’s wish developed to also have a blue humidor. However, not in a standard shade, for example RAL, but in the exact shade of blue that was to give the room its special flair. We equip all humidors with electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification and manufacture them individually. What they all have in common is the technical equipment to maintain a constant relative humidity of about 70% for cigars inside. The exterior decor is freely selectable.

From wall paint to varnish

We have been working successfully for years with our partner for varnishes, the varnish factory ADLER. With the help of our partner’s many years of expertise, we have succeeded in creating a varnish based on the customer’s color samples that exactly matches the desired shade. Varnishes for professional woodworking are not applied with a brush. They must have the prerequisites to be painted with a spray gun. This is the only way to achieve perfect surfaces. We are proud to be able to extract the color tone of a wall paint and use it 1:1 as wood varnish. Thus, the Gerber cigar cabinet not only provides the perfect storage for tasty cigars, but also the perfect complement to the desired room design.